Direct Shipments

The Universal Air Waybill is used for all shipments processed through this module. Forwarding documents can be printed in batch or immediately (within a few seconds of completing data entry for the shipment). Billing invoices are automatically produced for direct shipments that have prepaid charges.

Forwarding Documents

Shipments are processed through the system for the production of the following forwarding documents:

* House Air Waybills
* Air Waybills for Direct Shipments
* Shipper's Export Declaration
* Shipment Labels
* Master Air Waybills
* Cargo Manifest
* Agent Invoice for Collect Charges


Consolidation shipments begin with the updating of the Consolidation Flight Schedule. Information from the Consolidation Flight Schedule is passed on to the House Air Waybills to reduce errors and reduce redundant data entry. Forwarding documents can then be printed in batch or immediately.

Preliminary and Final Cargo Manifests are produced along with the Agent Invoice for Collect Charges culminating in the production of the Master Air Waybill. The Consolidation is then closed and is ready to update the Accounting Systems. Billing Invoices for prepaid and collect shipments can be automatically produced without additional data entry if the House Air Waybill is not used as the Invoice.

On-Line Tracking

Once a shipment is entered into the system, it is available for tracking by any of the following:

House Air Waybill Number
Air Waybill Number
Manifest Number
Master Air Waybill Number
File (Reference) Number
Origin and Destination
Shipper Number or Name
Consignee Name

Air Freight Services
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