For the preservation, crating, packing and logistical support necessary to prepare and process material and equipment for air, sea or land transportation, standard services include, but are not limited to:

Material Receipt

N/J International, Inc. shall receive and verify the quantity, part numbers, order specifications and conditions of all items received both to the vendor's packing list and customer's purchase order, noting overage, shortage or visible damage. A material receipt report shall be prepared showing, at minimum, the following information:

Material receipt number
Date material was received
Date material receipt was prepared
Customer purchase order number
Delivering carrier and way bill number
Vendor's name and reference
Waybill weight, if shown, and actual weight
Customer purchase order item number
Quantity and unit of measure
Description of items received
Complete or partial as to the purchase order
Serial number of items so numbered
Destination, if shown, on purchase order
Letter of credit number, if applicable

The material receipt report shall be mailed no later than two (2) working days from receipt of materials.

Packing List and Commercial Invoice

Preparation and issuance of a combination packing list and commercial invoice shall be completed within two (2) days after materials are packed. The packing list shall contain, at minimum, the following information:

Customer purchase order number
Project name or number, if applicable
Packing list identification number
Consignee and destination
Package number
Contents identification by item number
Quantity and description
Gross weight, net weight in pounds and kilos
Box measurements, cube in inches and metric
Material receipt reference


Markings as furnished shall be stenciled in paint or ink with a product of a permanent nature on two opposite sides, unless otherwise specified by customer. Color coding in required places as customer specifies shall be provided.

NOTE: For N/J International, Inc. to perform the services outlined above, we require two (2) copies of your purchase orders and in the case of any amendments, two copies of such amendments.

Export Packing & Kitting
N/J International, Inc. provides full-service packing and crating in order to provide your company with secure product transport. Our experienced personnel can provide you with professional solutions in optimal design for your goods, or we can build according to your own specifications. We have the technical expertise and capabilities to handle any commodity, regardless of the size, weight or dimensions of the project. We also have employees available who are certified in hazardous material packaging and are able to provide the technical expertise required to safely pack and ship these types of materials.

N/J International, Inc. provides products and services designed to ensure that freight will arrive at its final destination undamaged. Our services include:

Vacuum Packing/VCI
Project Packing
Hazardous Materials
Barrier Materials and Desiccant Products
Customized Skidding
Flat Rack Rigging
On-Site Crating
Pipe Bundling

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