Our Ocean Freight Forwarding System is a simple to use, on-line and fully integrated information system designed to produce all necessary documentation and reports. Instant access to tracking information is available, allowing us to provide a high level of customer service through phone inquiry or from a terminal placed in the sub-contractor or client's office. Add-on options include the ability to allow clients to access their own cargo tracking information.


* A single input session can produce an International Master.
* U.S. Declarations, Dock Receipt, Certificate of Origin and Brokerage Invoice.
* Electronic filing of Export Declaration data to Census is supported
* Repetitive Entry System stores selected input sessions
* Customer billing charges are retrieved automatically from the file and displayed for verification by the operator.
* Invoices are automatically printed on demand.
* Commercial Invoices may be produced from information already entered by the forwarder to generate export documents.

Our Ocean Freight Forwarding System helps reduce the paper burden, increases accuracy and provides much needed management information. Most of all, it helps us better serve our clients by reducing costs and increasing our ability to provide superior services.

Ocean Freight Services
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